VIVA Transcription

Medical transcriptions that reduce workload and improve patient care.

Project Summary

VIVA Transcription's main business is providing medical transcription (MT) services to doctors, but they also actively acquire medical transcription companies. 

VIVA needed to engage with their email list of MT business owners in order to gain their trust and educate them about their acquisition process. Unlike most acquisition emails, VIVA wanted their e-newsletter to be friendly and conversational, rather than corporate or "salesy." 

We worked together to create a voice for VIVA that would resonate with their readers. The tone is helpful, reassuring, and sympathetic to the stresses of owning your own MT business. The design is minimal so that it feels like a personal email versus a company newsletter. 

These emails have resulted in at least two business owners reaching out to VIVA to inquire about the acquisition process and have steadily seen above industry average open rates. 

Excerpt from an acquisition e-newsletter.

Excerpt from an acquisition e-newsletter.